Packages: Ninjas With Attitude

Ninja with Attitude!
Outer Circle Entertainment can provide a unique experience with NINJAS!

"Sneak Attack "Performance Shows are guaranteed to Surprise and HYPE up your guests and possibly inspire them to practice Martial Arts!

Our Ninjas can also be used for Marketing for your Product or Event.

Here's a past video of NINJAS INVADING HOLLYWOOD.
This was to promote a movie called TRUE LEGEND.

Performers are available for Photos and Interaction

4 Ninjas With Attitude:

( Break Dancer / Martial Artists)

1) Sneak Attack Performance 5 Minute Show Ninjas sneak out, then burst in to a Freestyle Show featuring Break Dancing, Power Moves Martial Arts,  Katana Sword, Nunchukas...

Two  Minute Sneak Attacks (can be through out the night) $400 per sneak Attack of 3-5 minutes long. Ninjas come out, scare guests, and do tricks/ freezes and poses around the area.

TOTAL: $2400 for one show plus one sneak attack

Available from 3 to 20 Ninjas! email for rates!

3 Ninja Performers 5 min Sneak Attack  $1500
6 Ninja Performers 8 min Show Sneak Attack $3000

Ninjas with Fan Girls

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