Outer Circle Crew is dedicated to producing dynamic Entertainment and Performances for your Events. Dedicated to The Art of Movement,  Outer Circle can provide Entertainment in the form of a variety of Themes and Dances including Hip Hop Dance,  Martial Arts, and Cultural  and Contemporary Fusion. Outer Circle is aimed to Excite, Entertain, and Engage your guests, creating a fresh, funky, & fun environment!

We also can provide MC/Hosting and DJ services to liven up your event!

80's Hip Hop / Corporate
Members of Outer Circle have worked with huge recording artists like Justin Bieber, Pink, Rihanna, Colplay, and have appeared in T.V. Shows like "Dancing with the Stars", "So You Think You Can Dance", danced in many Music Videos, seen in Feature Films like "Step Up 3D" & "You Got Served".

Usher / Bieber "Somebody to Love"

Corporate / Promotions / Trade Shows / Live Shows

Outer Circle is known to deliver a highly explosive, entertaining, Choreography for Corporate and Theme Parks, as well as Tv / Film, and Commercials.

Also available are:

The Syrenz, is affiliated an All Female Dance Crew also available for bookings.

Rihanna/ Colplay "Princess of China"

The Kunoichi - Another performance group inspired by the the idea of Female Ninja Assassins who use deceitful femininity to "slaughter" without leaving a trace.