The Furies Circus & Dance

From Ballet to Breakdancing, the Furies bring a unique blend of dance and circus arts to their performance. See the ladies fly through the air, spin fire and pirouette on their feet and hands.
(please contact for rates, The following are approximate rates for Los Angeles Area.)

Rates and packages below based on acts and shows we already have pre choreographed.

Xmas Show Package-5 dancers no aerial (Nutcracker ballet medley-6min and Holiday dance circus medley 6min)= $2000

Full Aerial Show package -
6 aerialists (7 acts/3-5min per act)=$3000-$3500(pending if we hire a rigger)

Mixed medley of dance and aerial depends on how many dancers/ dance sets and how many aerialists/aerial sets they want in a package.

Individual rates:
Fire Act= $250-$300 per girl(2 sets 3min)
Aerial Act= $400-$500 per girl(2 sets 3-5min)
Character roaming work w/full costume=$175 (2-3 roaming sets 10-15min)
Hula Hoop=$300 per girl(2 sets 3-5min)
Gogo=$150(3 sets 15min each)

The FURIES LUCIDTY TRIANGLE PERFORMANCE (please contact for rates)

The FURIES DANCE LUCIDITY (please contact for rates)