Outer Circle Crew @ E3 for Plants vs Zombies Game

Zombies have invaded your lawn and it's up to the plants to stop them! Explore E3 with Strife.TV as Outer Circle Crew & The SYRENZ puts on an exhibition battle in honor of Plants vs. Zombies.

This one is filmed and edited by Joseph Binetti

This vid is the STRIFE TV one!

Featuring Dancers:
Bgirl Peppa, Miss Von, Emiko, Val Pal, Pandora, Tronik, Shy Guy, Gyroe the Magnificent, Minja, Bboy Bert, SLICK, Preying Mantis, Bboy Peru.
Workmen: Peru, Brian Lee, Marshall.

The music is a remix by Reth Galura of the Plants vs. Zombies song.


Produced by Liquid Advertising, Bgirl Peppa and STRIFE Tv
Camera/Editing by Ari Levin,
Photos by Nate Kendall

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